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ALPHA YACHTS of Long Island, NY are the premier builders of the ALPHA 42 dynamic cruising catamaran.

Alpha Yachts are born from a long tradition of building high quality sailing vessels. Founded as Atlantic Yachts more than 30 years ago in Europe the builder was one of the biggest manufacturer of yachts and 
eclipsed well known giants such as Benetau and Janneau. Alpha Yachts has unsurpassed experience in high tech composite manufacturing for large government organisations such as NASA, the US military and large luxury resorts. The builder has successfully crafted more than 850 mono and multihulls ranging from 31-95'. They can be found in any part of the globe.

Hulls and inside moulding ready for assembly. All of our yachts use extensive high quality interior and exterior molds to produce perfect composite finishes.
Alpha Yachts newest project is the build of the Alpha 42 catamaran.


The Aeroyacht-ALPHA 42 catamaranboasts a number of features not found on any other catamaran in her class. Praised by many sailors and the international maritime press as the most innovative US built cruising catamaran she is the only mid sized closed bridge-deck production catamaran built in the US.

Aeroyacht Lt. are the exclusive worldwide distributors of the Alpha 42 catamaran.

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TAZA MAS 105' one of the many hundred cruising yacht built by the builder.