who we are

founded by experienced yachtsmen

Alpha Custom Yachts is a family-owned company recognized for elegant, unique, and innovative vessels built for today’s yachting enthusiasts.

Jorge and Roberto Aboumrad

challenge the limitations of traditional yacht standards, designing each of the vessels in the Alpha Custom Yacht's collection to accommodate family togetherness and maximize comfort.


the alpha difference

Every yacht is custom-built by a highly-respected team of luxury yachting experts, following the highest standards of excellence in design, construction, and craftsmanship. ⁠As a trusted partner to distinguished owners, Alpha Custom Yachts provide global access to the best resources in the industry so they can embody their dream and experience the Alpha difference.⁠

Core Values

  • Family

  • Trust

  • Quality

  • Excellence

  • Craftmanship

  • Flexibility

  • Innovation


Alpha Custom Yachts

founded by yacht lovers for yacht lovers

Brothers Jorge and Roberto Aboumrad recount that their love for the sea started at an early age. This unwavering affinity for the ocean lasted long past boyhood, inspiring their eventual seabound business endeavors.

The beginning

They began their journey in the industry over 30 years ago, founding Performance Boats, which is now the largest boat dealer in Mexico. They began to realize that their ideal yacht, one that prioritized connection between friends, family, and the sea, was simply not on the market. They were inspired to take matters into their own hands. Drawing inspiration from actual yacht owners and their needs, they surpassed the limitations of traditional yacht design and forged a previously inconceivable standard of design and engineering for yachts in the 30-meter size range.

They know their yachts

like they know each other

Their experience and lifelong passion for sailing can be appreciated in each and every detail of their yachts. As brothers, they couldn’t imagine a better way to honor their family’s love for yachting than through the creation of Alpha Custom Yachts.

“Quality doesn’t come by chance.

it is the result of dedication to excellence, proper engineering, design and execution of prodUct.

This is the DNA of alpha yachts.”

Roberto Aboumrad