⁠Alpha’s custom construction ritual begins with a list of your unique requirements for your dream yacht. From there, a team of specialists, in all relevant disciplines, will take you through the sketch and simulation journey. ⁠Your unique vision will fuse with our refined expertise to craft your one of a kind sailer.


Engineering excellence is a pillar of the Alpha Custom Yacht’s philosophy. The most advanced technologies are utilized for a safe and efficient voyage. Nothing is left to chance. The yachts are ran through extensive tank testing simulations to ensure safety for all passengers.


Alpha Custom Yachts fearlessly challenges conservative yacht standards and has designed each of the vessels in the Alpha line to accommodate family and togetherness. ⁠By ignoring all compromises that are usually accepted by yacht builders, an Alpha Yacht fuses luxurious comfort with sleek, simplistic styling, creating a new sector of community-centric yacht design. This company was founded with family as a core tenant, and each yacht is designed with those values in mind.


Where magic is made

Each of our creations are brought to life by the hands of the best engineering excellence. Always pushing the limits of shipbuilding, our team is equipped with unsurpassed technological expertise and access to the best resources across the globe. ⁠⁠Our search for perfection ends the day your yacht reaches the sea.


  • Giorgio Cassetta

    Based in Rome, Giorgio Cassetta’s Design Studio is known for innovation with a flair of timelessness, pushing forward new design standards in the 30-40 meter market and securing several distinguished awards for the Spritz 102’.

    Exterior and Interior Designer of the Alfresco 125’, Alfresco 125’ Open Galley (Drako,) Spritz 102’, Spritz 116’, and Spritz 140’

  • Roberto Curtò

    Roberto Curtò’s design studio had created over 50 yachts and RIB’s for many established and emerging brands, working for some of Europe’s most renowned marine, naval, and design studios and companies.

    Exterior Designer, Interior Designer, Interior Decorator, and Engineer of SQUALO 97’

  • Paola Aboumrad

    Paola Aboumrad’s design studio, Interiores 0503, design philosophy is functional, contemporary, and unique, revitalizing interior spaces to reflect the client’s ideal aesthetic.

    Interior Decorator of Alfresco 110’, Alfresco 125’, Alfresco 125’ Open Galley (Piccolo,) Spritz 102’, Spritz 116’, and Spritz 140’

  • Cuaik is a creative studio built by a team of hunters, concept explorers, and world creators. They design with a deep, analytical, and sensitive process that unites depth, form, and emotion.

    Interior Decorator of Spritz 102’ (Vivace) and Alfresco 125 Open Galley (Drako)

  • Based in London, the H2 design studio boasts a diverse portfolio, perfecting any style that the client prefers. H2 design studio is now widely recognized as one of the most innovative and technically competent design teams in the yacht world.

    Exterior and Interior Designer of the Alfresco 110’

  • Established in 1927, Laurent Giles is one of the oldest names in yacht design, offering a unique breadth of experience in all types of yacht design and naval architecture.

    Naval Architect and Engineer of the Alfresco 110’, Alfresco 125’, Alfresco 125’ Open Galley (Drako,) Spritz 102’, Spritz 116’, and Spritz 140’

  • Verme Projects specializes in integrated yacht design, fearlessly solving complex mechanical projects. Their team is built upon experts with multidisciplinary skills that merge perfectly to create state of the art projects.

    Naval Architect and Engineer of SQUALO 97’